Me llaman el desaparecido.

Cuando me buscan nunca estoy. Cuando me encuentran yo no soy.

Lance David Minion
10 April
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Animal Crossing: Wild World catalog/town info for Abattoir in Manos

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Online Aliases:
Ser(e)vante "Y2J" Jericho
Vincent "Extinction" Noir
Sagittarius Dragon
Late Man
A lot more not mentioned above.

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AIM: Chronoss Aitrik
Servante Jericho
ICQ: Terrible service. Just terrible.
MECA: Sagittarius_Dragon Ded kitty!

Diablo 1 Characters:
Servante (Level 27 Sorcerer)
Serriah-K (Level 26 Rogue)
Sage_Dragon (Level 26 Warrior) USERNAME IST GESTOLEN!!11!111sexysix

Diablo II Accounts (Non-ladder):

What will suffice for the "true" bio page about me:

"When I Was Small"
a poem by Mike Doughty

When I was small, when I was very small, I would lay by the television and
dream of the apocalypse. I would dream of the power of the Hydrogen
Bomb. I dreamed my world engulfed in a divine and furious fire. I hoped for it.
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